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4330 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603, USA

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Andrew Sims
August 26, 2020

Girl and grill Appearance-b The building itself is a very old building.....but the current tenant of it did not let it stop her from making it her own.....the time she took to make it reflect her spirit and her personality is authentic and should not be overlooked Ambiance-A Theres a vibe as soon as you step in to this take out provision palace.  Music bumping....employees moving and working...tge owner manning the grill with control and authority....oh you get since that they are serious about what they do..and it helps set the tone. Appearance of food-B Food looks good at first glance......the attention to toast the inside of my croissant is appreciated.....the smoke sausage and eggs looked well cooked....the grits when you can pick them up with a fork...but still have a creamy and smooth texture to them....the only set back is the cheese on the grits and eggs....I wish the cheese could have scrambled into the eggs and grits to really have them served already incorporated.   Once they melt on top its difficult to mix them in fully. Taste-c+ Eggs were cooked properly, once again the cheese not being mixed into them didn't really make them feel like cheese eggs. The grits hat a good amount of butter in them, they were creamy and well cooked.  Once again had the cheese been mixed into the grits rather than just placed on top...a different flavor would have been experienced.  The croissant was toasted great...nice crispy edges and buttery goodness.  And the smoked sausage was cooked almost perfect. Price-b 2 eggs, grits both with cheese, sausage smoked and croissant for 11 bucks..not bad at all Overall-b+ For simple ingredients cooked really well in the morning...I can see why this place has as many cars and people inside waiting for their grub.  Everyone has a great attitude and they know who they are cooking for.   I look forward to returning here whenever Im on this side of town

lizzie12 12
November 10, 2020

the grits and the eggs were both unseasoned, and bland. while the customer service was outstanding, the food was not. a little butter in the grits and a pinch of salt would have been a welcomed wake up to the palate. the pancakes we're good. the prices were outrageous. three coins gives you potatoes, two pork chops, two eggs, and toast for $7, and you can actually sit inside and be waited on all that for $7. pop and sons is exactly the same way every diner carries a two egg special that's under $6 that comes with much more than you're offering and much better seasoning, indoor seating, and a server. all in all my $30 visit was extremely disappointing.

Karen Cooper
October 23, 2020

Extremely juicy and flavorful sausages. I was always curious about the place since there was always a line out the door. You wait in line, order your food, and then head to the back where all the seats and shared benches are. I loved how chill the atmosphere was, and it seemed like not only a place with good food but also a nice place to catch up with your friends over a couple of beers and hotdogs. I'm definitely planning to come back to try their other sausages for my next Little Tokyo trip and perhaps get a glass of beer as well.

Carol Brooks
October 24, 2020

Some recommendations (in addition to the above food items ) include: - make reservations (especially if it's the weekend) as it gets really busy - parking can be challenging if you don't want to valet your car next to the restaurant. Options that I found during the times I have visited were street parking or parking in one of the pay lots that are dispersed on that street. - the place is pretty noticeable when driving but another tip I found helpful was that it is on the opposite side of hotel cafe.

Henry Ingram
September 02, 2020

It was my first time here. Brought my boyfriend for his birthday. I've been wanting to try this place for months and finally got around to it ! When we got sat there was a cute card acknowledging his birthday which was very sweet . We did wait a little while to get greeted but after we were greeted service was amazing. I ordered a med rare filet , although it was a good steak it did come out a solid rare . The manager got it fixed for me so it wasnt a big deal but as I waited for them to cook it a little more my sides got cold. None of the less I enjoyed my time here .

Girl And A Grill

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4330 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603, USA

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